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COM's annual Awards Party

January 18th, 2020

COM's annual Awards Party was held on Saturday, January 18th at The Warming House Room at The Pond facility in Rosemount. About 20 COM members braved the wintry weather for an afternoon of fun, friendship, and good food! Governor Don Gettinger introduced the 2019 and 2020 Board, reviewed the roughly dozen events and chairpersons for our 2019 season, and recognized Dan Nielsen as the top NCCC Points person for COM. Dan was in the Top 10 for Midwest Region, and finished in 16th place in the National NCCC Men's Standings. A nice selection of raffle prizes provided through the work of Jan and Shawn Hanna were given to several of the attendees.

Met Council Autocross Series (MCAS) Awards  Party

January 4th, 2020

A party was held on January 4th at the Apple Valley Old Chicago for the Met Council Autocross Series (MCAS) and the MOWOG Series plus MAC awards. Our Competition Chairman and Met Council Secretary/Treasurer, and our club's Met Council Representative, Wally Mahlum emceed the MCAS portion of the program. Members Dan Nielsen, Dave Bahl, Robin Newborg, and Don Gettinger were award winners in the series. About 90 autocross enthusiasts enjoyed a salad, pizza, and pasta dinner plus the awards program.

COM Fall Cruise

October 20th, 2019

About a dozen cars and 24 participants left the Woodbury McDonald's for our annual COM Fall Cruise. First stop was the Lark Toy Store and Museum in Kellogg, Mn. On the way there, we were treated to an amazing cloud bank hanging over the Mississippi, all the way from Lake City to Kellogg. Lark is recognized as one of the Top 10 toy store in the world by USA Today. A beautiful hand-carved carousel, llamas, miniature golf, a restaurant, and a huge collection of toys on display in their museum, plus toys and puzzles for sale, offered something for everyone.


We crossed the Mississippi at historic Winona, drove an exciting back road (Buffalo County M) to arrive at Elmer's Auto and Toy Museum on the bluff above Fountain City, Wisconsin. Featured are 100+ muscle cars, including a 78 Silver Anniversary Corvette with 5.4 miles on the odometer, dozen of dirt track and asphalt stock cars, in excess of 700 restored pedal cars, and a building housing 100,000+ toys, plus quarter midget and midget sprint cars, and a very rare (reportedly 1 of just 3 still existing) Polaris Formula car, designed for an SCCA racing class that never happened! To get onto the Elmer's property, we entered through a salvage yard with hundreds of 60's-80's cars. The entire property overlooks the Mississippi River with a spectacular view of the Great River, and miles of Minnesota.


The return trip went through a dozen small towns along Wisconsin 35, and ended with many of the group going to the original Bierstube restaurant in Hastings. It was a sunny, 60 degree day; great for a fun drive along the Mississippi with club members, friends, and auto enthusiasts.

Don G

photo credits: Don Gettinger, Max Allers

COM Super Autox II

September 8th, 2019

Sunday, September 8, we held our second Met Council Series event of the year at the DCTC facility, Super Sunday II. We had 90 entries, and 75 who actually took their timed runs. It never really rained hard, but also was only really dry for about an hour, so everyone got to try their hand at "The Art of Racing in the Rain". Incidentally, that's a great book and movie, in my opinion!


We had 10 COM members as entrants, and were joined by Bill, Chris, Harvey, Erica, Deb, Rick, and many of our other friends in filling critical roles, plus all of the entrants took their turns working. Congratulations to Dave Bahl who took home the award in Z Class in Rick Sellner's beautiful Z-06, which Rick drove to 1st place in A Street. There were many positive comments about the fun people had driving, and the challenge of the course, plus how our timing crews were able to quickly resolve any timing issues. Congratulations also to Adam Barber who set Fastest Time of Day in his Honda, proving that we don't just put on events designed for Corvettes!

Don G

photo credits: Don Gettinger

St. Croix Valley Corvette Association Aannual Corvette show at Stillwater Motors

August 17th, 2019

St. Croix Valley Corvette Association held their annual Corvette show at Stillwater Motors on Saturday, August 17th. About 85 Corvettes, with entries from each of the seven generations of Corvette, were entered. COM Competition Chairman Wally Mahlum and Governor Don Gettinger had their Corvettes in the show, and Wally took home the top award: Sponsor's Choice, with his beautiful, 1-owner 1969 Corvette.

Don G

photo credits: Don Gettinger


August 3rd, 2019

Saturday, August 3 was a bright, warm day--perfect for a road rally in a Corvette, or any car! We had 16 teams register for the rally starting at the Woodbury Applebee's. Eight of the entries were NCCC Corvettes, with six clubs represented, and entries from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois. Among the entrants were Dale (our current National NCCC President) and Carolyn Samuelson, from the Northern Illinois Corvette Club. Dale and Carolyn are both past National Champions multiple times, both currently leading in the Midwest Region Championship Points race, and also both in the Top Five in National Competition Points! In addition we had three more Corvette teams from COM and Classic Corvettes, and five more teams of other sports cars, or fun cars, including three from COM members. We started with some simple contests like drawing poker hands, tossing dice, and putting rubber ducks or hot wheels cars at targets.


The first portion included some fun, winding roads like Indian Trail, Stagecoach Trail, River Road, and St. Croix Trail, passing through Lakeland, St. Mary's Point, Afton, and other small villages. Our rest stop was at the M &H Station in Hastings, where we played more games, like tossing rubber ducks into targets ("When Ducks Fly"!). We left Hastings, and went past the amazing collection of buildings at the Little Log Cabin Pioneer Village, through Meisville ("Home of the Mudhens" town baseball team), through picturesque New Trier, and back to the Woodbury Applebee's just in time to enjoy half-price Appetizers and beverage specials.


With the fantastic skills of the participants, variety of seven fairly random games, and breaking the cars into three classes (NCCC Corvettes, other Corvettes, and others), each team was able to finish either first or second in at least one of the seven Rally events, and each participant received a photo award from the rally route in recognition of their winning performance. Those returning to Milwaukee, Davenport, or Rockford areas were able to be on the road home by about 4:30. Hope to see many of our old and new friends again next year!


photo credits: Max Allers & Don Gettinger

COM members at the July 14th Met Council Series Autocross

July 14, 2019

COM had about a dozen members as entrants in the recent MC Series event at DCTC, sponsored by the club. Most were in a variety of Corvettes, but a couple were in other cars (a very fast VW product, and a Honda Civic), plus several other members worked at the event in support of the COM program. Thanks to all the entrants and workers for their part in making the event so successful.

Don G

photo credits: Don Gettinger

COM Super Autocross 1

July 14, 2019

"COM's first Met Council Series event of 2019 was held on Sunday, July 14th, at the DCTC Facility in Rosemount. We had an even 100 entries, and provided 6 timed runs for each, mostly in the 65-75 second range. The course, designed by COM's Dave Bahl, featured a big variety of slaloms, acceleration runs, and challenging corners. Many drivers commented on how well the course flowed together. It was a 90 degree, sunny day. We had 24 Corvettes as entrants in the event, which was a great showing. In addition to being a very competitive field of autocross entries, the paddock provided a great car show as well! Thanks to all who participated as entrants or workers.


Our event was included in the SAN (Specialty Equipment Market Association-Action Network) "Collector Car Appreciation Day" annual celebration, since almost all the entries are current or future "collector" cars, and many feature SEMA parts as modifications. It was nice to see COM member Jerry Doetkott return to autocross after about 25 years in his new Honda Civic, and Chris Johnson after several seasons in his SCCA SPO C-4 Corvette road race car, along with lots of entries from the MAC group, the MAHC Speed Run contestants, entries preparing for the O'Reilly QA1 Challenge autocross next week at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, many COM members, and lots of others.


Hope most entrants can join us again for our Sept. 8th event, also at the beautiful DCTC facility."


Don G

photo credits: Max Allers

Northstar Camaro Club hosted their annual All-Chevy Show at Stillwater Motors

June 22, 2019

Roughly 150 entries, with about half of those Corvettes. COM members Max Allers, Wally Mahlum, and Don Gettinger showed their Corvettes, and enjoyed the festivities during the show, including lunch prepared for sale by the Stillwater Area High School Alpine Ski Team. Format for the show was a "Top 21" based on voting for guest cars, and awards for each generation of Camaro for member cars.  Wally's friend took top honors with the "Best of Show" award for his beautiful 1955 Chevy Flatbed Stake Truck. One can only assume a three-way tie for 22nd for the three COM entries!"

Look for another showing by COM members for the St. Croix Valley Corvette Association's annual Corvette Show show at Stillwater Motors on Saturday August 17th.


photo credits: Max Allers

NCCC Autocross, Columbus WI

June 15-16, 2019

Father’s Day Autocross MADness 2019, Columbus WI

Wally, Dean, Dan and Max joined in the fun at a new event (autocross) for the Midwest Region of the NCCC.

Joan Thomas; Governor of Mad City Vettes helped Mad City put on their first autocross at a new driving facility in Columbus, WI. The event was attended by 60 some cars that came from a distance that spanned 1300 miles; from MN in the arctic circle to Little Egypt at the southern tip of IL. Our fabulous NCCC President and his super fox (Dale and Carolyn Samuelson) provided timing and course design that proved fun yet challenging. With a cloudy and rain threatened Saturday proving to be dry giving way to a cold and misting Sunday. Joan did a fabulous job whipping a new venture together for the Mad City Super Club and giving the MWR a new venue for the calendar! Thanx to Joan and her crew for all of your hard work in ironing out the details of setting up and running an event. Let me sum this up with one important descriptive comment: Woooooooooooooooooooooo!!!


photo credits: Max Allers

GMCCA Car Show

June 2nd, 2019

June 2nd was a near-perfect day for the annual GMCCA Show and Swap Meet. Scott Hegstrand did a fantastic job of organizing COM's participation in the event, and was there throughout the event. Don and Wally helped put up tents and string ribbon on Saturday, and also helped with clean-up Sunday. Big thanks to Dan and Deb Nielsen for working the entry gate starting at 5:30 am! Max did a super job at the Gate, pointing out the enormous value of the Collectible Wrist Bands issued to everyone this year.

COM had a great turn-out of entrants this year, with Wally Mahlum, Shawn and Jan Hanna, Dan and Deb Nielsen, Max Allers, Ron Marks, and John Boos all entering cars in the Show, and with most taking some time to help with the Spectator Entry Gate. Almost everyone expressed the opinion was that this was one of the best-attended events in memory for car entries, swap meet vendors, and spectators. This event is one of the primary sources of income for the club, and the weather was no doubt a big factor in the numbers participating. Don and Wally received "Outstanding Entrant" plaques in the judging with their Corvettes, As the photos show, there were hundreds of beautiful GM products throughout the Machinery Hill area of the State Fairgrounds, with all generations of Corvettes very well represented.



photo credits: Max Allers, Don Gettinger

Renegades Corvette Club Spring Rallye

May 11, 2019

We had a total of only 10 cars this year, 7 of which were Corvettes:  3 from the Renegades, 2 from COM, 2 from Suburban, and 3 “metal cars” who had heard of our event through the web ( The good news is, we all had fun and the rain held off until we were back at the Green Mill to celebrate. We stopped at the Fawn Doe Rosa wildlife park in St. Croix Falls, WI and fed the indigenous Minnesota animals and birds. Then we stopped at Winehaven Winery in Chisago City, MN and “watered the horses”. There was live music, a limited but adequate food menu, and some very tasty wines. As we arrived at Winehaven, we found St. Croix Valley Corvette Club there, also on a Spring Cruise! And finally, back to the Green Mill for a late lunch and the awards presentations.



POKER HAND: 1st Place - Dan & Deb Nielsen, 2nd Place - Cris & Trinity Ambriz, 3rd Place - Chris & Sue Sogard

SCRABBLE WORD: 1st Place - Dan & Deb Nielsen, 2nd Place - Ron & Angie Nagy, 3rd Place - Chris & Trinity Ambriz

CROSSWORD: 1st Place - Max & Karin Allers, 2nd Place - Wally Mahlum, 3rd Place - Dan & Deb Nielsen


Jan / VP Renegades

photo credits: Max Allers


Rallye Credit: to Jan Hanna, VP Renegades. She designed a fabulous cruise route, very fun games, including poker hand game, scrabble game and a crossword puzzle we had to do, while between stops! Thanx Jan for all your hard work in creating an extremely fun cruise and entertaining games!!!

All Corvette Clubs Chili Challenge

March 17, 2019

This year we had a sunny day with mild weather for the annual Chili Challenge. About 125 Corvette enthusiasts from about 10 clubs, and a few individuals, attended the event at Jimmy's Event Center in Vadnais Heights on March 17, St. Patrick's Day. There were a dozen excellent entries in the contest this year. Thanks to Shawn and Janet Hanna for all their work in putting the event together each year! Our own Max Allers served as a Master of Ceremonies for the raffle drawing portion of the event, and our President Bill Hoxmeier was one of the chefs entering a chili, along with Shawn Hanna entering his personal chili this year.


A large number of raffle prizes were given out, and the Silent Auction raised considerable funds for scholarships to the children's camp located near Road America, which is sponsored by the Corvette Racing Team. Auction items from Corvette Racing included signed pictures of the team cars, parts from the team Corvettes including windows, wheels, and lenses, and other items. Raffle prizes included tools, books, wines, framed art, clothing, small appliances, scale model cars, and a wide variety of other items.


This event, held mid-March of each year, is a great chance to get together with other Corvette owners and fans, and generally comes at a time when we're thinking of returning our cars to service for the summer.



photo credits: Don Gettinger, Max Allers

COM Awards Party.

January 12th, 2019

January 12, 2019 marked the annual Corvettes of Minnesota Awards Party, this year held in a new venue-the Warming House Room at the Fireside Restaurant in Rosemount. Our regular "cast of characters" was joined by long-time members we don't see as regularly, Tom and Deb Bulger, Dave and Annie Zimdars, and Tom and Vicki Griffin, to bring total attendance to over two dozen.

We recognized the passing in 2018 of long-time COM member Glenn Grieder, and NCCC MWRegion member and COM supporter Arnie Bailey. The 2018 COM club officers, event chairpersons, entrants, and workers were recognized for their work for Corvettes of Minnesota in 2018, as well as those who were involved in road racing, track nights, car shows, cruises, autocross, and other events.


Special recognition awards went to Max Allers as the Top NCCC Competitor (gaining 440 NCCC points in 56 events), and Dan Nielsen as COM's Outstanding New Member (participating in virtually every COM event plus many additional autocross, rally, high speed lapping, and show events) for 2018 .


Through the efforts of Shawn and Jan Hanna, plus several other member donations, everyone at the party was able to select a nice door prize to take home. Tom Griffin brought COM "Traveling Trophies" from the Gold Cup Rally, and the Hare and Hound Rally, that the club put on for many years, that many members had never seen before, and shared information on these events.

Next event for our club is the All Corvette Chili Challenge, this year on St. Patrick's Day, at Jimmy's Event Center in Vadnais Heights.

photo credits: Max Allers, Don Gettinger.

Met Council Autocross Series and MAC/MOWOG Awards Party.

January 5th, 2019

An even 100 members of the Twin Cities autocross community celebrated the season at the Apple Valley Old Chicago. COM's Wally Mahlum MC'd the Met Council Series portion, while our Robin Newborg MC'd the MAC/MOWOG portion. Several COM members were in attendance, and members Dan Nielsen, Don Gettinger, and Dave Bahl each won their respective classes for the Met Council Series, as well as awards for the MOWOG Series. Next year's awards party is scheduled to move to the Burnsville Pro-Kart facility just south of Co Rd 42 on Judicial.

photo credits: Don Gettinger.

2018 COM  Holiday Party

December 15th, 2018

Shawn and Jan Hanna hosted the annual COM Holiday Party at their home on Saturday, December 15th. Their home was totally decorated for the holidays, both inside and out. A festive atmosphere was evident throughout the evening. Club members brought an assortment of appetizers, salads, rolls, and desserts to supplement the amazing ham and turkey that Hannas had prepared. Safe to say, no one left hungry! As always it was great to connect with some of our long-time members, and some of our newest members as well. Charlie Hoffman provided entertainment with video from his trip to LeMans for the 24-hour race this year, plus some videos of events at Road America and the autocross COM put on several years ago at Treasure Island. Also some video from one of Shawn's Road America Track Days held our interest. The club also had a secret Birthday Cake for our President; Bill Hoxmeier, who just had a recent birthday! Happy Bday Bill!


The "Party" season will continue with the Met Council Series/MOWOG Series/MAC Awards Party at Old Chicago in Apple Valley the first Saturday of the New Year, and our COM Annual Banquet in Rosemount at a new venue the following Saturday (noon to 3:00), and then the All-Corvette Chili Challenge in March at Jimmy's in Vadnais Heights. See this website or the Checkered Flag issue for more info on all these events.

photo credits: Max Allers, Don Gettinger.


October 7, 2018

Despite a cloudy day with a threat of showers, COM had an excellent turnout for the annual Fall Cruise. Leaves were near their peak for color, though the sun didn't shine on them during the cruise. We had 35 individuals, and about 20 cars including about 15 Corvettes, a Porsche,  and a couple of classic cars on the cruise. A couple of cars made the trip from the Rochester area, and from west-central Minnesota, as well as the northern suburbs.


We started at McDonald's in Oakdale for registration, with many having some breakfast. A drive through the Tri-Lakes area, past Lake DeMontreville and Lake Jane (just missing Olson Lake) took us to Country Sun Farm, where we could feed goats and sheep, buy pumpkins, see a haunted house and giant spider, and other fun activities. Some more back roads in the Withrow area, and past some exclusive private golf courses and impressive housing took us to Pine Tree Apple Orchard in Dellwood where apples and treats were available. Next fun roads were in the City of Grant area, taking us to the Aamodt's Apple Orchard and St. Croix Vineyard, where more apple, treats, and wines were available. The last leg of our Cruise went through rural Lake Elmo, taking us to Harvey'r at the Pinz Entertainment Center. Those who wished to have lunch there stayed for some excellent food, and a chance to catch up on conversation with some of members we hadn't seen in a while.


Thanks to all who participated. At both orchards, our group was directed to the "Preferred Parking" areas. With the weather of the past week, and huge crowds at both places, we saw some wet grass, but those directing traffic certainly recognized the Corvettes, and did their best to get us a good parking spot. We'll plan to have another Fall Cruise in October next year!


Don Gettinger, Governor and Cruise Director

photo credits: Max Allers, Don Gettinger.

COM Super Sunday Autocross #2

September 9, 2018

Our second autocross of the season was held under near ideal conditions wth temps about 74 degrees and sunny skies. 80 competitors joined in the fun, open to all cars, at Rosemount Tech Driving Facility.

COM at SCVCA Corvette Show at Stillwater Motors

August 18th, 2018

On a weekend when several of our COM members were driving at a Porsche event at Road America, watching the Corvette Racing Team at VIR, or doing autocross events in Iowa, some others were at the annual Corvette Show at Stillwater Motors, put on by the SCVCA club. The theme was to honor the 60th anniversary of yellow Corvettes (1958 being the first year for yellow). They had a 1958 and a 2018 yellow Corvette parked at the entrance to the show.


COM was represented by Dave Bahl and his C-4 yellow Vette, Dan and Deb Nielsen with their yellow C-5 Z-06 (Trophy winners!), Don Gettinger with his black C-5 Z-06, Ron Marks with his Blue C-6 Z-06, and Charlie and Les Hoffman with Charlie's Black C-7 Z-06. Total entries were probably somewhere in the 125-150 range. The National Corvette Museum had a display and items for sale at the show.


August 4th, 2018

A rainy day, but we had 9 teams of drivers on our 7-Event Chance and Gimmick Rallye Events. Cars from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa, with Wisconsin Corvette Club, Suburban Corvette Club, Midwest Corvette Club, and Corvettes of Minnesota represented. Seven NCCC teams, and two guest teams (non-Corvettes, but driven by NCCC members) participated in the rallye and games including poker hands, dice toss, "Flying Duck Toss", "Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign" sign hunt, "Guess How Many" pop tabs in a small jar (a lot!). Some winding roads in the Hugo and Withrow areas of Minnesota, and in the Somerset and Burkhardt areas of Wisconsin, with the end point at the Woodbury Applebee's. Thanks to all who participated, and to Dan Nielsen for helping with tech inspection in the rain.

Event Chairpersons Don Gettinger and Bill Hoxmeier

COM/PCA Autocross

July 15, 2018

COM hosted an autocross with the Porsche Club (PCA), open to all cars. We had 85 entries and a beautiful day. We employed a new timing system and timing computer which worked out well, allowing us to post results much quicker and easier! Here are a few photos of our club members at the event.

photo credits: Don Gettinger.

GMCCA Show and Swap Meet

June 3rd, 2018

COM started the weekend activity with Dan, Wally, and Don helping put up the Corvette tent, and stringing ribbon on the event site boundaries. The task was done in record time, with threatening weather approaching the State Fairgrounds. Our chairperson and GMCCA Rep. Scott was on site at 5:30 Sunday morning, manning the spectator gate. Sunday was a cool (mid-60's) day with a cloudy sky, but large numbers of entrants, spectators, and swappers showed up. COM Show entrants included Dan and Deb N., Wally M., Don G., Charlie H., Shawn H., Janet H., and Ron M. Most COM entrants took turns at working at the spectator gate, plus Karin McC., Mary Ellen P., and Les H. also helped staff the gate. This event is a major fundraiser for COM and the other roughly dozen GM car clubs involved. Several hundred cars were entered, including at least a hundred Corvettes, and hundreds of spectators enjoyed the show. Thanks to all who participated in the event.

Just as awards were being given out, the sun appeared in time for some trophy photos. Congratulations to Wally and Shawn for receiving awards based on the voting for their beautifully prepared cars.

photo credits: Don Gettinger.

Renegades Spring Cruise

May 19, 2018

The Renegades Corvette Club Spring Cruise Started in Woodbury and drove to Bass Lake Cheese Factory (mmmmmmmmmm) and then on to a stop at Star Prairie Trout Farm, and had a guided tour of the facility. Then to the final stop at Mallard's in Bayport Marina, for lunch and then home. Massively fun Cruise and with new possible members who joined in from other clubs.

COM  Awards Banquet

January 20, 2018

COM Annual Awards Party. COM held our annual Awards Party this year at DeGidio's on West 7th Strret, in Saint Paul, on Saturday, January 20th. We had about 25 present for an excellent Italian buffet dinner. We paused in remembrance of COM members, former members, and friends of COM who passed during the past year: Jerry Schroeder, Maggie Doetkott, Bill Christo, Rick Johnson, Todd Pushing, and Myron Cottrell.


Following a pleasant period of dining and socializing, we recognized Max Allers as our Top NCCC Points Champion for 2017, and recognized Shawn and Janet Hanna for their many contributions to COM, and to the entire Corvette Community. Drawings were held for many door prizes supplied by several members, and major prizes coordinated by the Hannas. Winner of the Grand Prize Drawing TV and DVD player was Les Hoffman.

photo credits: Max Allers and Don Gettinger.

COM  Holiday Party

December 2nd, 2017

Host by Jan and Shawn Hanna

Jan and Shawn hosted a massive calorie explosion of goodness to celebrate the holidays and unite the club in food and fun. Charlie brought some of his tapes and movies and the club history photo albums were out for everyone to see, dating back to the early 1800s! OK.. but dating back to the 1960s!

photo credits: Don Gettinger & Max Allers!

COM  Fall Cruise

October 21st, 2017

Saturday, October 21st dawned rainy with thunderstorms, but about 30 hardy souls still attended our 2017 COM Fall Cruise. COM members were joined by members of Suburban Corvettes, Classic Corvettes, Minnesota Renegades, and some independents. We had several Corvettes, a Porsche, and assorted Chevrolet, Ford, Toyoto, and other vehicles. By the time we started the cruise, the weather had improved significantly. We drove on some scenic roads in the Afton, Welch, Red Wing, and Frontenac areas, reaching our first rest stop in Lake City. About an hour in to the Cruise, the weather had cleared, and the sun was shining, but no sail boats on Lake Pepin.


Heading north, we returned to US Hiway 61, crossed into Wisconsin and picked up Wisconsin 35 (the "Great River Road"), and traveled some more scenic roads near Prescott and River Falls. before arriving at our second rest stop at the new Belle Vinez winery. From there, a short drive remained to the Old Southern BBQ Smokehouse in Hudson, where many of the participants enjoyed lunch.


Thanks to all those who participated in the Cruise. It's always fun to see some of our long-time members who join us for the annual Cruise, and to welcome some new faces as well. Participants seemed to enjoy the roads and the selection of stops, and dealt with the rainy starting conditions well. Most of the cruise was dry and at least partially sunny. At times the colors of the fall leaves were spectacular!

photo credits: Don Gettinger & Scott Hegstrand!

COM  Autocross

August 27th, 2017

Sunday, August 27th, COM hosted Round Three in the Met Council Autocross Series at Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount. We had just over 70 cars at the event, including about 8 COM drivers, and about 15 Corvettes. Dave Bahl designed a fun course that was just over a minute long for most competitors. Our timing system worked flawlessly thanks to a lot of effort by Shawn and Wally since our last event. Lots of COM members came out to help put on the event beyond the entrants, working timing, registration, set-up, posting times, and many other duties.


We were able to offer 6 timed runs to all entrants, and still finish timed runs about 2:30. The threat of rain kept everyone on task all day, and we were able to finish before the first showers arrived. It turned out to be a pleasant day, and the turnout, especially of COM members and other Corvette owners, was encouraging. Thanks to all who participated in any capacity in the event."


Next up on the Calendar: Our COM Fall Cruise on Saturday, October 21, starting at 10:00 am at the McDonald's on Suburban Ave., near I-94 and White Bear Avenue. More info to follow, but the route is expected to include Afton, Hastings, Red Wing, Lake City (rest stop at a DQ), then back through Red Wing, cross into Wisconsin, going through Prescott, a second brief rest stop at Belle Vinez near River Falls (a new winery, featuring brick fired pizza). From there. it will be a short drive to Hudson where we'll gather at Old Country Bar-B-Que Smokehouse for lunch (next door is Azule Tequila, for those with a taste for Mexican), about a half mile off I-94.

COM Rallye

July 29th, 2017

Our July NCCC Rallye created by Don Gettinger and Bill Hoxmeier was a massively fun time. It brought in members from 5 NCCC clubs, and from Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, plus several non-NCCC Corvette entrants, and a Porsche and BMW. We had members of Wisconsin Corvette Club, Little Egypt Corvette Club, Corvettes of Minnesota, Suburban Corvettes, Mid-West Corvette Club, Sunburst Corvette Club, Classic Corvettes, and others,  In all, 38 participated in the event. We left the Woodbury Applebee's and followed scenic roads near Afton, through Prescott, Wi., near River Falls, and Roberts, and returned to the Applebee's for awards and refreshments about 3:00. Along the way, we played 7 games involved in the scoring. A beautiful day, lots of fun drives, beautiful cars, and great people! Photos courtesy Max Allers & Don Gettinger.

COM/PCA Autocross @ DCTC

June 25th, 2017

The Corvettes of MN + Porche Club (PCA) + open to all cars Autocross Event at Dakota County Technical Driving Center. We had a great turnout with rain until about noon and then nice overcast dry day for the rest of the afternoon. Here are a few pics of the pits before the event got started. Photos courtesy Max Allers & Don Gettinger.

GMCCA Car Show

June 4th, 2017

On Saturday, several COM members helped set up for the show by putting up tents, and stringing ribbon around the perimeter of the site. Sunday was a near-perfect day for sun, temperature, and a slight breeze.

COM members manned the entrance gate, as well as had members showing their cars and enjoying a great day of car culture by GM! Photos courtesy Charlie & Les Hoffman; studz!

Renegades Corvette Club Cruise

May 13th, 2017

The event Fun Cruise with Rally Games put on in May by Shawn and Jan Hanna (who are members of COM, SCM, and Classic Corvettes, as well as Minnesota Renegades). There were 24 cars on the Cruise, with a half-dozen with COM connection. Great time had by all! The cruise included a stop for root beer in Taylor Falls, another stop at the Franconia Sculpture Park. The start and end point was at Green Mill in Shoreview, just off 694. Photos courtesy Charlie Hoffman, Don Gettinger, Max Allers.

Live the Corvette Lifestyle!